Girls, girls, girls & a boy

It has been a busy a non stop week. Backtrack to last week Friday.

Evert left to take part in the W2W Adventure race.  This race was described as:

 The Adventure is for the less competitive rider, looking for a more relaxed ride although the competitive spirit will be present! Both events follow the same route.

I think Evert and his cycling partner @Hans_de_Ridder  might disagree that is relaxed ride.  They averaged 70 km’s per day and where in the for a total of 25 hours.  Well done boys.  All the carbo loading paid off.

Sweet victory for the KTM Phat Boys

From the W2W Evert was off onto the JAG Scooterthon.  This s a week long road trip with WP Rugby players.  They travel on Big Boy Scooters from Cape-Town to Knysna and back.  Along the way they give rugby coaching clinics and have a jol after a long season of rugby.

So that left me home alone for 10 days with the Tribe.

Tayla had her Grade 10 dance last Saturday and our house was HQ for all the pampering.  The girls got their make-up and hair professionally done.  The Mom’s drank some bubbly. Perfect.

Proud Mom

The rest of the week has been a spent playing Mom’s taxi.  Both Tayla and Ella-Blu started exams this week.  Tayla has been studying, Ella has been playing with her spinning top.  No exam nerves at all for Ella, the fact that she is so calm and not stressed has aged me.  Caleb misses his Dad and I don’t think he enjoys being the only “man”in the house.

This week has also brought sometime for me to think, reflect and be very grateful for what I have.  A school friend of Tayla’s lost her battle with cancer and it brought it home to me how precious life is.  So although I have had my moments of madness managing the Tribe on my own for the week, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Tomorrow we head to Arabella to spend the evening with Evert and the JAG Scooterthon crew.  So looking forward to a peaceful bath!

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