Winning like Charlie Sheen

For those of you that know me and my crew you will know that @bianca_els (my sis) is the luckiest chick around when it comes to winning compo’s.  She wins something at least once a week.

So you can imagine my delight when I had my own Charlie Sheen WINNING moment and discovered I had won a day at The Quadrant.  Champagne corks were popping (well in my mind anyway) & I was straight onto the bbm to let @bianca_els know that I too was a winner.

Then the email arrived with what the prize entailed…….

firstly an Italian coffee √

secondly a Transfit gym session for 1 hour ×

thirdly an hour long massage ×

fourthly a haircut √

fifthly LUNCH √

I don’t want to seems ungrateful in anyway but I have an allergic reaction to any form of exercise (aka sweat), I am not a fan of peeps rubbing and touching me, so the massage doesn’t get me doing the dance of joy and as much as I love a new haircut, I had one last week.

However I am embracing this prize and taking @bianca_els with me.  I am not sweating alone. So I will dig out those Adidas sweatpants Evert bought me about a year ago and go with a positive attitude.

Watch this space for feedback………….


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