The Smokey Eye….

So by now we have established that I am not a Barbie doll who is groomed 24/7.  I am the Soccer Mom you see at school in the jeans, sneakers and T’s.  Every now and then I do like to get my groove on and dress like it took me more than 5 minutes to put the whole ensemble together.  In these cases some make-up even gets used.  Enter the problem….. application thereof…….

I have 3 very good good mates who can do make-up with their eyes closed, literally.  These chicks know their stuff.  So you would have thought Sarah, @Elana_Bailey and @fiwaddell would have shared this wisdom with me.  I have dropped subtle and not so subtle hints about my dream of doing the smokey eye but alas …. I am still left looking like I have gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson after my attempt to do this seemingly easy task.

So I present to you this step by step guide, which I will be trying out myself on my next “jol” that requires me to leave the house in heels.

DIY Smokey Eye

DIY Smokey Eye

So Ladies if like me you do want to “clean up good” sometimes, try the above and let me know how it goes.


6 thoughts on “The Smokey Eye….

  1. Miss B says:

    Hahaha. I said I’ll show you when I see you again, woman! A private lesson if you will. *sigh* Now you paint such a bad, unreliable picture of me…sort of like you paint your face when it’s time to “jol”. 😛

  2. Miss B says:

    You can practise on each other, til we’re all in the same city at the same time…Still can’t believe you’re running to EC while I’m in town. SMH. ;-P

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