Cape-Town I love you but……..

The week-end started with Mouse’s first trip to Newlands to watch the Cobra’s and Titans.   We were joined by Farm Girl & IT Guy and had a great time until the wind decided to take control.  I have to say that Newlands is the most stunning setting to watch a cricket match.

Saturday we joined some mates to celebrate a birthday.  What an awesome evening.  I was surrounded by Eastern Cape peeps and this reminded me how much I miss Eastern folk.  Yes, we are a special breed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cape-Town.  Who wouldn’t love Cape-Town?  I can make a list as long as my arm of what it has to offer, from the Mountain to my fave chick Helen Zille.  So I do have the bests of worlds by being able to socialise with  Eastern Cape peeps, this way I get to enjoy my piece of “home” in the beautiful Cape-Town.

Now if I could get Nahoon Beach moved here this would indeed be Paradise….


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