The Quadrant ~ a hidden gem!

My day at The Quadrant finally arrived yesterday.  I was able to take someone with, so I took The Sista on a trade exchange basis for all the goodies she wins and passes onto me.

Our first stop was Tranfit.  Being the person that I am, I of course went checked them out on Facebook, Twitter etc. Having heard about Transfit and having seen Johno on Espresso, to say I was very apprehensive about going would be putting it mildly. (The fact that I have not been on a treadmill before might also have added some nerves to the mix).  When we got to Transfit we were warmly welcomed and show around.  Every staff member of Transfit introduced themselves and made an effort to make us feel comfortable.  Johno came straight over, although he was in the middle of what looked like a BOOT CAMP session to me, introduced himself and gave us a few minutes to take in our surroundings.

We were fortunate enough to have the lovely Mona Pretorius take us for our session.  (Mona happens to be an Olympic weightlifter, so keep an eye on her next year when she represents SA at Olympic 2012).  She was very patient with us and explained the reason why we were doing each exercise.  She wanted to assess our fitness levels.  I could have saved her the trouble and told her mine was non-existent.  After a gruelling 45 minute session which left me red-faced and with jelly legs we hit the showers to head off for our next stop.  My perception of Transfit has definitely changed.  It is a professional environment but one where you are made to feel welcome and I am sure you will get the results.

Mona & I (photo taken in black & white so that my red-face is not invisible)

Our next stop was Na-Bua Thai Spa & Massage.  The Sista and I were able to share a massage room.  Enter 2 tiny Thai ladies with limited English.  WOW, they proved to me that dynamite does indeed come in small packages.  I fell short on doing my research on exactly what a Thai massage entails.  The memo explaining that the Thai lady would be getting onto the massage bed, on top of me seemed to have missed my desk somehow.  These ladies really do know their stuff and I can highly recommend this for people who are looking for something different as opposed to the traditional massages we are used too.

Move onto my favourite part of the day, Absolut Hair.  Heather, Heather, Heather.  I have no words to explain how warm and welcoming she is.  She is an Absolut Gem!  She settled us in while Grant (my stylist) was finishing up with a client and kept us entertained.  Grant came over for a consultation and once we had decided on what he would do jay got to work with a head massage and shampoo.

The Sista had her hair styled by Latiefa and she looked stunning.  Grant worked his magic on mine.  We were entertained and charmed by the Absolut Hair family and I can see why people would keep returning.


Grant & I

Last stop, Cafe Nood.  Yummy!  From the  and I chose pasta with roasted butternut & chorizo, delicious. We ended our day off with a great cappuccino and cheesecake.  The selection of desert will keep me coming back to be able to try it all out.

A big thank-you to Andrea and Lee-Anne who ensured our day ran smoothly and for introducing me to my newly found hidden gem.

The Quadrant will be seeing me again, whether it be a bite to eat at Cafe Nood, a new haircut with Grant at Absolut Hair, a gift voucher from Na-Bua so that my friends can experience a Thai massage or me popping into Transfit to catch a glimpse of Johno’s abs!


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