Day 6 ~30 day Challenge

Today’s challenge is to write about a pet I have had.  This is tricky as we have always had pets at home and which one to write about is tricky.

After some thought I have decided it has to be my Maltese I was given when I was in Std 4.  My aunt brought it all the way from Grahamstown for me (in those days G-Town seemed afar way from Slummies).  I remember how excited I was to receive this ball of fluff.  My Pops and I used to watch a TV series (the name escapes me) which had a cute feather puppet named Plume.  We decided this was the perfect name but being different as always my Pops named our puppy Ploom.

The most remarkable thing about Ploom was that we had a brick wall outside our house which he used to jump onto and sleep on top of.  People passing by use to be highly amused at the dog sleeping on the wall.

Ploom was also known to be different colours at times.  My friend Heidi and I went through a phase of “tie-dying” our clothes with food colouring and it seemed a good idea at the time to also colour Ploom.  I remember him being pink & blue.  On a walk up to the corner Cafe with him I remember a grumpy old lady moaning at me and telling me it was animal cruelty to have coloured him PINK.

Ploom was part of our lives for ages and joined us where every we went.  My uncle lived 2 streets up from us and Ploom would often go visiting there on his own.  This is where he met his fate when the neighbours dog attacked and killed him.  I remember my parents telling me before I went to school that he had been killed.  I also remember sitting on the grandstand before school at Hudson Park High School with Tracy Smith and crying so much.

My Pops had a plaque made that said “Ploom’s Place” to go up on the wall where he used to sleep.



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