Day 7 ~ 30 Day Challenge

Today’s challenge: Post your favourite movie, TV show, Band & Food.

This is so difficult for me as I LOVE movies, TV, music and food…. how to do I decide….


The Notebook

I love comedy & have loads of movies I love: Dumb & Dumber, The Hangover, Happy Gilmore etc  …. but being the closet romantic that I am, The Notebook has me captured… this movie is guaranteed to produce vast amounts of leakage from the eyes!!  I could easily have watched this movie 15 times by now but each time it results in me crying, a lot!  Another movie to have a similar effect on me is PS I Love You!

TV Series

Again not easy.  I am hooked on anything CSI, The Mentalist… “who dunit” kinda vibe.  I have also spent hours watching Friends which is another favourite but I have to admit at the moment it has to be Modern Family.

Modern Family

I was introduced to this series by McQueen and have not stopped watching since.  Maybe I can relate to it because my family is just as crazy, who knows!


Now for me this is the toughest to choose 1 band, so I decided to choose 2.  My favourite international and my favourite local band.

Green Day

Green Day are just kick ass.  What more can be said.  They write about things close to their hearts and manage to produce music that is mind-blowing.  Big Concerts need to get these boys to SA… please…. pretty please!

The Parlotones

Enter the band every SAFFA loves to hate.  I love these boys, love their music and I am proud that they are South African.


Pasta! I know that those carb’s are not good for the hips but Italian food is yummy!  As boring as it sounds my favourite is spaghetti bolognese.  I will however not say NO to any pasta served as long as there is no seafood in it (refer to my dislikes list from Day 4 Challenge).


Spaghetti Bolognese


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