Day 8 ~ 30 Day Challenge

Today’s challenge to write about bands or artists I have seen 🙂

U2 – 1997 & 2011

I have been fortunate enough to have seen them twice and on both occasions they were amazing.  1997  The Sista & I took a bus trip from Slummies to JHB to see the U2 Pop Mart Tour.  Bono came out in a boxing gown and wowed the crowd, when the gown came off…. this was revealed…….

Bono - muscle man

This concert was filled with costume changes and Bono working the crowd.  The  thing that stands out for me was that The Edge sang Sunday Bloody Sunday – slightly disappointing since that song formed an important part of my teenage years.

U2 360 Tour - Cape-Town Stadium

Earlier this year we headed off to the Cape-Town Stadium to see the 360 Tour.  I was 5 months pregnant with Mouse but that didn’t stop me from having a awesome evening.  This concert was very different from the previous one.  Less glitz and glam but the music was brilliant and in true U2 fashion it had a South African flavour and was all very relevant.  U2 are something special and if they returned to SA I would without a doubt see them again.

Spandau Ballet – 2010

I imagine there are loads of you who have no idea who this band is but luckily my friend Sarah did and off we went to see them perform at Grande West.

Tony Hadley

These guys might have had a few birthday’s but they still make incredible music and put on a good show.

30 Seconds to Mars – 2010 

WOW! This for me was the best show I have seen to-date.  Jared Leto has stage presence second to non & I left that concert being more of fan then when I arrived.


The concert ended with “Closer to the Edge”, where Jared called bunches of people from the crowd up onto stage and ended in a choir like rendition of this song.

Kings of Leon – 2011

Kings of Leon

I have mixed emotions about this concert.  There is no doubt that their music is off the charts.  I love it.  Stage presence from front man Caleb is just not there and minimal interaction with the crowd.


On a local front I have seen The Parlotones (heaps of times) and we all know I love them.  Just Jinger are wicked, Ard Matthews is super passionate and I love watching him perform (just not the national anthem).  Prime Circle didn’t do it for me, that is a band I prefer to listen to on the radio.  Springbok Nude Girls or Arno Carstens on his own are another band I wouldn’t hesitate to see again.

I LOVE music and live concerts are even better.  South Africa has some great bands around at the moment and I cant wait for the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts to start so that we can pack a picnic and head done there to be entertained.


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