Day 9 ~ 30 day Challenge

Today has been a challenge, to say the least.  My task was to tell of my day in detail…..

Woke up at 6 this morning and head straight to the kitchen for my coffee fix.  Caleb was first up and got served his breakfast on the couch.  Next was to get Ella sorted, breakfast served & than lunch to make for both of them.  Got a bottle ready for Mili, changed and got ready for the school run.

Everyone loaded into the fun bus, buckled up and ready to go… (enter the problem) Flat BATTERY! Ev had already left for the office, I had lost my sense of humor so I frog marched The Tribe out of the fun bus, back into the house and cancelled school due to lack of interest, on my part at least.

Ella wanted to take toys to school for the “less privileged” (not sure what the PC term for that is) so I decided since I was trapped at home it was a good time to tackle the bags and boxes of toys we had moved to the garage months ago.  My theory was if they had not been played with for months, they were not needed. Ella was very helpful and very keen to get as much stuff to take to school.  I allowed her & Caleb to each keep 5 things and the rest was to be given away.  This really got me thinking about helping others and the “Pay it Forward” theory that I am so striving to work at ( that is a whole other blog post and 2012 challenge).

Pay It Forward

After the garage cleaning spree it was shower time, followed by peanut & banana on toast (do not knock until you have tried it).  No day of mine would be complete without a skype chat with Matt.  Plotting and planning on how to make millions with Just Add Milk.

Caleb decided to invite our neighbour’s son, Dylan over to play.  The boys decided it would be cool to build a tent in the lounge.  So every spare pillow and duvet was put to use.  It was a blissful afternoon with Caleb having Dylan over as it kept him out of Ella’s way.  The tent is still standing & Caleb will be sleeping in it tonight.

Caleb the Camper

Ev got home after 5 with jumper leads and Lauren came to our rescue with her car.  Thanks Lauren, you are a star.

Tayla and Sian kindly volunteered to cook dinner. Ev took the mini tribe members to collect some goodies from the Bushies and I spent some girly time feeding Mili and chatting to Tayla and Sian.  The 2 of them remind me very much of Heidi and I at that age.

The Tribe returned and we had dinner.  Very yummy spaghetti bolognese prepared by the girls.  Then operation “Mili”, a quick lie down with her and she was snoozing.  Bath time for Caleb & Ella, then bedtime…. Ella to her bed and Caleb kicking back in his “tent” in the lounge, watching telly.

Ev and I are watching Come Dine with Me SA as I finish off today’s challenge.

So as challenging as it might have been not having the fun bus today it has inspired me to Pay It Forward…..

Pay It Forward - my 2012 motto




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