Day 12 ~ 30 Challenge

Today’s challenge is to write in detail about something you hate.

The unpatriotic SAFFA …. Gosh, I just don’t get it.  I understand we live in a democratic country and freedom of choice is part of the deal but seriously people how can you not support your country?

My personal “favorite” would have to be the South African born Indian person who supports the Indian cricket team, even when India play South Africa.  WTF!  Most of them have never set foot on Indian soil.  If they feel so passionately about India why do they not pack up and move to the over populated India?  So South Africa is good enough to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle but you feel no loyalty to support them?  Seriously, I just don’t get it.

We also have the good old Cape Crusader supporters.  Born and bred in the Mother City but support a team from a country oceans away.  This would be the same bunch that are staunch and avid All Blacks supports. SMH!

I had a conversation with a 20-year-old South African born All Blacks supporter recently.  I asked how he enjoyed New Zealand, surprisingly he had never been nor had any plans to go.  I asked why he supported the AB’s and that generic answer was given : “I have always supported them, through the struggle”.  My guy, you were born a few years after our beautiful country became a democratic society.  I am not saying that things miraculously changed overnight but surely that answer/excuse has now run its course?

We have seen sport unite our nation on several occasions.  Would it not be great if ALL South African’s shared in this joy?

Proudly South African



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