Ho, Ho, Ho………..

Christmas seems to have sneaked up on me this year.  We put the tree up last week but since we are heading to the Eastern Cape next week to spend Christmas with my folks it doesn’t seem as exciting.  I am sure my Mom will have her house pimped up in the Christmas spirit from top to bottom.

I was looking for something fun to keep Boy busy with during the holidays and found such fun Christmas stuff.  Take a look……..

Cookie cutter decorations to hang off your tree

I think these are so cool.  Great to add a few every year with updated photo’s of the Tribe.


Christmas Wreaths

I love Christmas wreaths, although these look a little higher grade for to attempt to make.

Christmas wreath for the wine lovers

A Christmas wreath for Farm Girl & IT Guy, they love wine and I am sure would be able to collect enough corks to make a few wreaths.  Although less traditional I think it is fun.


Convert your paint swatches to gift tags

I LOVE this idea.  I am sucker for collection paint swatches when I visit a hardware store.  I end up throwing them out when I do a clean up, now then can be put to good use.


Simple Christmas table decoration

Very simple but stunning.


A fun Christmas bag

The Tribe will love making these.  Will keep them out of trouble and it is great to give a handmade gift bag, especially to the grandparents.


"handmade" Christmas cards


Another good idea to get The Tribe involved in making Christmas cards.


Family Christmas card

Inactive family Christmas card, fingerprints of the whole family, then decorated.


Matchbox Advent Calendar

This is something I will definitely do next year. Decorated matchboxes (magnets glued to the back) that stick onto a cake tray.  Add a sweet to each box! Sounds easy enough 🙂


Wooden Christmas Tree

Modern take on a Christmas Tree.  I need a handyman to help convert some of the pallets I have into one of these.



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