Day 16 ~ 30 Day Challenge

So today’s challenge is a picture of what you wore today…(in my case I am still wearing it).  This has been interesting as I have now accepted the fact I fall in the  Soccer Mom category.  High heels and pretty dresses are saved for very special occassions, while jeans, t’s and sneakers are my BFF’s.


Favorite new style shoes - espadrilles from Mr P


Upper body:

my RVCA T, love it, budget just doesn't allow for a full RVCA wardrobe


Lower Body:

Classic old Levi's


Added Extra’s:

Bling Nixon from Ev & stunning swallow necklace from B


The Final Product:

Viola, Soccer Mom !


Disclaimer: Mili was taking a nap so I had to ask our nanny Fransie to take the photo of me.  It was her first time using a camera, good effort I think.  Mili has more of an eye for detail and would have left the kitchen sink out 🙂



6 thoughts on “Day 16 ~ 30 Day Challenge

  1. Bronwyn says:

    Hi soccer mom your wardrobe looks just like mine;) its great to be a soccer mom, and even greater when the occasssion presents itself for us to dress up like barbies, think we appreciate it more;)
    Signing out
    Soccer mom 2

  2. Ndyebo says:

    Love ya, Nix! I’m planning a special occassion…I need to see you in a frock and heels! My friend Ms Mili is super-gifted!

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