Day 17 ~ 30 Day Challenge

5 things that irritate you about the same or opposite sex……hmmmm…this is not as easy as I thought it would be when I first read the challenge….

1. Chauvinism – Men

Gosh, this is my worst.  The man who thinks bringing home the bacon gives him the right to treat his wife like an employee.  I know a few couples like this and I just don’t get it.  Very much like gypsy lifestyle I have seen on My Big Gypsy Wedding.

I am not all about burning my bra, I do think that there are things woman are best suited for and the other stuff men.  However the chauvinistic approach my some men who just assume and expect they still love in the 60’s is too much for me!



2.  Everything is a pissing contest – Men

I have had the fortune or misfortune to have worked with some interesting MEN.  In the business world, where men are concerned, it is all a pissing contest.  Who has the best car, who goes on the most overseas holiday’s, who is the most god fearing boss….. In my humble and somewhat uneducated opinion I have come to realise and observed that these are all very insecure men who have many hang-ups.

Pissing Contest


3.  Peer Pressure – Men 

So I always understood this to be something that a teenager suffered from but sadly it seems to follow some people into their twilight years.  As adults we should be able to make our own decisions but there is always that 1 friend that seems to be involved when the boys get into trouble with their wives.  I speak from experience here.  My husband has been a victim of peer pressure on maybe occasions and it always seems to be that 1 ZEF friend that is involved.  The husband also suffers from amnesia which is triggered by an allergic reaction to alcohol (he forgets he is married with 4 children).  Thankfully we have this medical condition under control and it doesn’t occur too often.  On the bright side though I could be married to a man you suffers from the above 2 points, no thanks, give me the odd peer pressure experience any day of the week.

Peer Pressure


4. Mutton dressed as Lamb – Woman

When you started getting older you need to realise that fashion is not always your friend.  Some chicks seems to find that hard and still like sharing a wardrobe with their teenager daughters (mental note made not to wear anymore of Tayla’s clothes).  I went to a talk this year by Janine who is an image consultant & it was very interesting  to what works for a person’s body shape and age.

Mutton dressed as Lamb


5.  The Subservient Wife – Woman

Chicks who accept being treated as employees by their husband (refer point 1). #nuffsaid

The Good Wife


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