Day 20 ~ 30 Day Challenge

Today I am to list 5 turn on’s & 5 turn off’s.  Here goes:

Turn on’s:

  1. Well mannered – a little old school but there is nothing better then a guy with great manners!
  2. Great butt – I like guy who can fill a pair of jeans.
  3. Smell – a guy who always smells good like my friend Bo.
  4. Stylish/Trendy – not necessary a fashionable guy but one who has his own style and is comfortable with it.  Not the classic golf shirt accountant.
  5. Sporty – strange I know but that’s how it is.


Turn off’s:

  1. Smokers – yuck
  2. The dirty guy – boy’s that are allergic to water and general hygiene are a big NO, NO!
  3. The potty mouthed loud guy
  4. “The I specialist”- we all know this guy, he know everything and has done everything.
  5. The bodybuilder guy – I don’t like my guy to walk like he has watermelons under his arms & to look like he doesn’t have a neck!





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