Day 22 ~ 30 Day Challenge

List 3 things you a proud of about your personality……….

Friendly / People Skills ~ I could not imagine my life without inaction with people OFTEN.  I would be so useless as an accountant who was stuck with numbers all day long and thinks having people skills is chatting to the call centre at SARS.  I tend to get on with most people and it makes all the difference both socially and in the work place.

Loyal ~ I can be loyal to a fault if you have me in your corner, if you don’t… well that then brings out some personality traits I would be less proud of.

Sense of Humor ~ This I can thank my Dad for.  Finding the humor in most things is a big help.

After reading the above 3 points I realise I sound like a puppy: friendly, loyal & funny 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 22 ~ 30 Day Challenge

  1. love, kids and other things says:

    I knew you would appreciate that. Dont forget though that you are the exception to the rule, an accountant with people skills but no office

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