40 Things to do in my 40th year

So the big 40 is heading my way in April.  I have taken the decision to embrace it and must admit I am very excited about it.  I have put together a list of 40 things (still a work in progress only at number 27) I would like to achieve in my 40th year.  I have also added this list to the sidebar and will tick off as I get them done.
  • 1. Take the train from Fish Hoek into town
  • 2. Get Elana to teach me how to do the smokey eye
  • 3. Week-end at Old Mac daddy’s in Elgin
  • 4. Be able to run 5km’s – this might never happen!
  • 5. MTB with Ev & Hans
  • 6. Argus 2013 – yet again perhaps a little to ambitious
  • 7. Picnic with the family at Kirstenbosch
  • 8. Wine tasting with Liesl
  • 9. Road trip with Heidi and Kristi
  • 10. Hike Silvermine
  • 11. Swim in the ocean – not at Fish Hoek
  • 12. Cruise
  • 13. Reconnect with an old friend
  • 14. Spend a day with Tayla
  • 15. Spend a day with Ella
  • 16. Spend a day with Caleb
  • 17.Spend a day with Mili
  • 18. A night at Crystal Towers without the kids!
  • 19. See The Parlotones perform again!
  • 20. Pay It Forward as often as possible
  • 21. Learn to play the drums or at the very least go for a lesson
  • 22. New ink – sorry Mom
  • 23. Sleep under the stars
  • 24. High tea at The Mount Nelson
  • 25. Sun downers on Table Mountain
  • 26. Trip to Robben Island
  • 27. Red bus trip through Cape-Town

FAB 40's


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