Farewell but not good-bye Jennifer

I always remember people talking about the different seasons of ones life. Spring, Summer , Autumn & Winter.  I never gave this too much thought until recently.  It seems as the hourglass runs down we are faced with more grief in our lives.

I got the sad news yesterday that my Mom’s oldest sister, Jennifer, had passed away.  Is has still not hit home for me as she was such a “larger than life” character.  I only have fond memories of her.  She would bring the boys to East London for their regatta’s and would always spoils Bianca and I with a shopping trip.  We spent an awesome week-end with her a few years ago celebrating Mom’s 60th and since living in Cape-Town we were fortunate enough to have her stay with us on 2 occasions.  We also got to spend a night with her at the Farm on our way back from East London in December.  Time spent with her was always a treat as she had so many interesting stories to tell of all of her travels and just life in general.

So I say farewell to an awesome Aunt who I will indeed miss.  Farewell but not good-bye as I know you are on another adventure and we will meet again one day.

Safe Travels Jen and please give my Dad a huge HUG when you see him.


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