Hello, Hello….I’m back….

November already!  Where has this year gone?  To say it has been hectic this far would be an understatement!

The hard part:

A few difficult decision were made.  Tayla headed back to East London to finish her schooling at Clarendon.  Those are the times where being a parent sucks.  The right decisions are not always the easy ones.

My aunt Jenny passed away very suddenly.  This is still hard to imagine as she was such an incredible person.

The good stuff:

Started the year getting back into the work scene.  Teamed up with Nigel in the launch of a new insurance product, Brightrock.  Being back in the swing of work led to me being offered a great job as PA.  Working and juggling the family is a challenge but I am so enjoying being back in corporate world.

Another exciting venture http://www.spottyfrog.co.za  Joined forces with a friend in being the exclusive distributors to Lunch Punch.  These are very cool sandwich cutters.  Hoping this takes off and I can buy that house in Bahama’s 🙂

Lunch Punch sandwich cutters

Of course the family is always part of the good stuff.

Tayla is studying for her Grade 11 final exams.  Can’t wait for her to be done so that she can head home to us in Cape-Town. 2013 will be an important year for her.  She turns 18 in February and has her Matric year to enjoy!  I still find myself  having moments where I can not believe my tiny Tayla is a young lady!

Ella-Blu took the plunge and had her hair cut.  Looks awesome and suits her ‘skater girl” style.

The new hairdo thanks to Bazil

Caleb went for his grade 1 orientation.  He is super chuffed with his new school for next year.

A chuffed Caleb with his bag of treats from Sun Valley Primary School

Last but not least Mili-Flyn! She just go with the flow of the hectic household!

Mili-Flyn parading around with Caleb’s bag

Since Ev works from home he has now taken over all the lunch and “mom’s taxi” duties!  He now goes by the name Daddy Daycare 🙂

One thing I do miss is updating this blog.  So now that my life is hectic but in a sort of organised chaos of a routine, I will be posting regular updates.


Hello, Hello, I am BACK…


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