February Blog Challenge

I lost my mojo to blog.  Although just aimless ramblings, it always feels good to put your thoughts down, share a photo or just generally have a good bitching session and get things off your chest.  Much cheaper then therapy 🙂

This brought to start looking for a new blog challenge as I had previously done one and it helped getting me into the swing of posting updates.  Everything I found had some or other challenge that just didn’t float my boat. So I rallied the troops.  Between Elana, Cupcake Mummy and I we came up with this February challenge.  A big thank-you to Cupcake Mummy for working her creative magic and making it look pretty.

If you have ever wanted to start a blog or even to breathe some life into an existing blog (like this one), now is the time.

Let me know if you are joining in so that other bloggers can follow and we can all share, enjoy and along the way learn a little bit about each other.

Happy Blogging!

Feb blog challenge


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