Turning 18 is a big deal

This year is a big one for Tayla.  She is in Matric. She turns 18 in February.  April brings on the much anticipated Matric Farewell and of course the Plett Rage in December.

I have known all of these things for ages and we chatted about them when Tayla was here for Christmas but I think the “penny dropped” when she sent me a bbm this week which read :”Mommy, 1 month and I am a legal eagle!”  Call me a slow learner but that put things into perspective.

My baby, who will always be my baby, is now a beautiful young lady.  18!! That’s a big deal.  As much as I want to lock her away and keep her with me forever, the reality is that before I know it she will be driving her own car, flashing her ID book and the bouncers to show them she is legally entitled to be in the club, finishing Matric, going off to varsity etc etc … the list continues and I have had to stop myself at the part where I become a grandmother!!

In all seriousness though next month I road trip down to Slummies to celebrate my daughter’s 18th.  We have a get-together planned and then they are hitting the town and off to the legendary Numbers.  I am so looking forward to celebrating this milestone with her.

Slummies I hope you are ready for us!



2 thoughts on “Turning 18 is a big deal

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Thank-you, trip only end of Feb so still time for ” Operation kill the muffin top” to take effect!

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