Learning to read Again!

Last week was filled with evening meetings with Ella and Caleb’s class teachers.  Since Tayla is in Matric, Ella grade 6  and Caleb Grade 1, you do the maths as to how many of these meetings I have been too!  Though generally all the same it is a meeting you can’t miss.  You need to go, show face, smile and wave!

The grade 1 meeting was up first. Sun Valley has a great concept whereby they separate the boys and girls until grade 3.  The reason is that the boys develop slower then girls and they don’t want to hold the girls back.  By grade 3 the boys have played catch up and they all on par.

Caleb’s teacher has 2 sons so she is perfect for an all boys class.  She is firm but understanding.  She allows the boys to eat their lunch after break while she reads them a story as her theory is if boy’s are presented with a ball or food, the ball wins.  She ran through the homework that will be coming home, what to pack for lunch and basic information.  I had to have a chuckle as you ALWAYS get that one parent that asks loads of questions once the floor has been opened to the parents.  I tried to spot the parent beforehand but it turned out to be an older guy right next to me.

Ella’s Grade  meeting was the next evening.  I was eager to meet her teacher as during the holidays when discussing teachers with Ella and her friends, non of them wanted this teacher. To strict, to old and not as cool as the younger teachers.  Well they weren’t joking that she was old, it is her last year of teaching before she retires but I am stoked Ella is in her class.  She has that old school no nonsense attitude.  She told parents in no uncertain terms that healthy lunch needed to be packed.  If it didn’t grow out the ground or have legs, no go.  So fresh fruit & veg, nuts, biltong etc are acceptable, horrible orange Nik Naks, not so much.  She got on to Civvies Day were the kids can where casuals to school, she stated that NO boobs, No butt and No “slapgat” pants will be allowed.  If a kid is not dressed appropriately she will send them to get something out the lost property to wear!  Sun Valley also has a focus on the kids being very computer literate.  They have 20 iPad’s that the kids get to used once a week and lessons are given on it.  One thing that I found very interesting was she mentioned there is an outing to the Bot River where they learn about Thomas the slave.  She said that she is finding as the children and parents get young they have little or idea about apartheid times, the children especially find her tales thereof fascinating!  This makes my Proudly South African heart very happy.

So we back into the swing of things!  I am learning to read again!

Grade 1 homework


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