So I like to dress up….

Any excuse to have a party at home and any excuse to dress up!  For my 40th I had a 70’s Porn/Punk Party, people really made an effort to dress to the theme and it was one of my best parties and gathering of friends.

I have loads of idea’s floating around of parties I want to have. Rocky Horror, Trailer Park Trash, Shebeen…. and the list continues.  So when I realised it was one of our best mate’s 40th pending, I dived in head first and offered venue, theme and party services!

So this Saturday our home will be turned into a Tavern.  We will hosting Hans(a) Shebeen Party 4.0 (pretty cool I think since he is called Hans).  I have plastic table clothes (covers), beer crates, plenty of beer posters and a few interesting home decorated signs.  Guests have been asked to bring beer in quart bottles and there will also be a few half drum braai’s where their meat will braai’d.  I have a little SPAZA vibe going in the one corner with Wilson Toffee’s, Smoothies and a few tins of Zam Buck.  Hans especially liked the theme as in his mind there was no dress code, as it is like going down to the pub.  My mind tells me otherwise and I have pulled out my faithful Eastern Cape shweshwe skirt, leopard print vest, afro and hooped earrings! The iPod playlist is loaded: Juluka, Savuka, Mandoza & Bongo Maffin.

All that is needed now is for me to attempt to make a pot of Maize Meal on Saturday and for the guests to arrive!

Cool glasses to use when sharing a quart with your mates

Cool glasses to use when sharing a quart with your mates



7 thoughts on “So I like to dress up….

    • love, kids and other things says:

      I wish we had our “in house” photographer there but she off making memories at a wedding! I will definately be taking loads of photo’s

  1. hansderidder says:

    Yes, thanks Nikki! NO Dress code – loving it!
    And come now, you know who will be making the pap (maize meal)
    Here is to ice cold beer and no dress up theme :

  2. thecolouredfulwife says:

    This is absolutely awesome!!! Wish my husband was having a memorable birthday soon as this would have been a perfect theme for him. Good luck and I can’t wait to see some pics of how it all turned out.

    • love, kids and other things says:

      You don’t need a birthday to have a party but I agree it helps! I grab any opportunity to entertain. We now have annual Christmas in July & Braai Day parties 🙂

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