February Blog Challenge – Day 2

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.  That is today’s challenge.

Looking back on my childhood I realise I had it good!  So many memories to choose from and always good to jog the memory and be grateful.

1.  Roller Rink – when I was in Primary school our local basketball courts were converted into a rollerskating rink on a Friday evening and a Saturday afternoon.  If that was not cool enough, my Dad was the DJ.  For those of you that knew my Dad there will be no need to explain that he was the eternal teenager and liked to always be a tad different.

My 2 besties, Heidi and Kristi, which I have had since grade 1, feature in most, if not all of my childhood memories.

Friday we would all get ready together (normally dressed exactly the same) and head off with  my folks to the roller rink.  Hours spent skating in circles, checking out the cute boys and just. generally being kids.  I do remember the excitement when my Nan sent me a new pair of roller skates all the way from Pretoria.  I was the only person in Slummies to be rocking such cool skates.  Happy times I treasure.


2.  Yamaha Jog Scooter – after much begging and pleading my parents gave in and got me a red Yahama Jog Scooter for my 16th birthday.  Since Heidi and Kristi were older then  me, I was the last one to join the Scooter gang…. but when I did it was the start of my independence.  (Also loads safer since Heidi used to lift me on the back of her scooter before I got one).  Since Heidi and I were not in the same High School it bonded us again being able to ride to school together.  Before Heidi got her scooter she would catch the same bus home as me. Bus would pick her up first, then onto our school.  Best part of my day catching up on all the gossip.  When Heidi advanced onto getting her scooter she would still ride to our school bus stop, have a quick chat with me until the bus got there, then ride off into the sunset, so to speak. Once I got my scooter there was no stopping us. We ride back and forth to school together, hoilday’s were spent going to the beach, movies, visiting friends, all on the scooter. Loved those times.


3.  Rainbow Valley – my folks had a love affair with little East Coast Resort.  If we did not go there for the whole week-end, Sunday’s we would pack up and head out for a day in the sun.  There was a pool and braai area my folks large friend circle would frequent and to make sure we got this spot my Dad would leave early with the rest of us to follow.  I was always allowed to bring a friend with, so this is where Heidi and I perfected our tans with our own homemade concoctions.  I know all my skin therapist friends are cringing now but anything from cooking oil to baby oil was thrown into our “secret mix”.

I could go on forever with stories from the homemade bikini Heidi had me sample at the beach, which turned out to be a lesson for us that white is not a colour that should get wet to me going to Numbers in Std 9 with so much gel and hairspray that by the Sunday evening my hair still looked “perfect”.

Fun times!!


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