February Blog Challenge – Day 11

Death Row Meal!  We all know that is not an option in our country and a big bone of contention at the moment… so I wont kill on my soapbox to campaign to bring back the death penalty, instead I will stick to the topic at hand.


I LOVE food.  So this is not easy for me to make a choice.  I have had my Ouma’s green beans and potato, my Dad’s chicken in orange juice and Ev’s meatball pasta all dangling off my taste buds but ultimately it is……..

Steamed Pork Dumplings

Crispy Beef and Noodles

Pavlova with summer berries


Crazy I know!  I think the yearning for the Chinese food is that I have still NOT found good Chinese food in Cape-Town.  So needless to say when I am back in Slummies next week I will be stopping off at Jade Garden and having my “death row” meal….. except for the Pavlova.  Don’t think the Wong’s have that on their menu!


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