February Blog Challenge – Day 19

Favourite childhood book!

I used to take a walk at least once a week to the book exchange up the road from us, in fact there were 2, Odds & Ends & The Book Nook.

Once I find an author I enjoy I tend to just read as many of  that authors books until I have read every book I can.  Then the search for a new author starts.  This seems to have been a something I have always done.

The first books I remember reading were Enid Blyton, Noddy.  I still have some of them that I have passed down to The Tribe.  I then moved onto the Secret Seven series and all things Enid Blyton.

Noddy and Big Ears

Noddy and Big Ears

Enter Judy Blume into my next phase of reading. I LOVED the Fudge books.  I clearly remember my disappointment when I had read all the Judy Blume books I could find.

Super Fudge

Super Fudge

Last but not least The Diary of Adrian Mole. I remember being so excited about these books I would read them on the loo, bus and even sneak a read during class.

Adrian Mole - you LEGEND!

Adrian Mole – you LEGEND!


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