Today my heart is sore….

While checking my twitter stream this morning a tweet by Barry Bateman grabbed my attention with the #BabyKillers.  I had an idea of what had happened to baby Wade but decided to jog my memory and googled all I could find on the case.  This information in conjunction with the stream of tweets from the courtroom today as the “mom” and “dad” were sentenced, left me sick and very heartsore.

I can’t for a moment comprehend what must make a person mad enough to inflict those kind of injuries on any human, let alone your own child ( a 2 month old baby).  I don’t for a minute profess to be the perfect Mother or that I don’t get angry.  In fact this evening through all the chaos (Ev is away and I have to take control of everything… **makes mental note to be more grateful of all my husband does**) I did find myself taking a few deep breathes.  Ella talks non stop, Mili was unpacking the cupboard and I was doing homework with Caleb while keeping an eye on pizza’s in the oven.  A relatively relaxed day in Ferreira household but by other peoples standards, organised chaos.

A few things that I read today which I can’t get out of my mind are:

  • Baby Wade  suffered severe head injuries, had healing broken forearms and 22 rib fractures
  • A pathologist testified during the trial that she had never seen a baby with such severe injuries. Baby Wade’s brain injuries were so extensive that the swelling pushed his skull apart
  • Baby Wade was severely abused for at least 2 weeks before he died

I am somewhat shocked at the sentence received, 13 years for Shoeman (“dad”) and 10 years for Rudman (“mom”).  I am not a judge and understand that there are many factors taken into consideration when handing down a sentence but I say they should both be  NEUTERED.  These 2 should never be given the privilege to procreate again.

So as I chuck down my microphone and climb down from my soapbox…I head off to tuck my Tribe into bed.  Tonight I will hug them a little tighter, as for me it is a privilege  and not a right for me to be the Mom to these beautiful children.





2 thoughts on “Today my heart is sore….

  1. rajesh says:

    A really shocking incident, i cannot for one minute fathom what could possess a mother (or father) to do this to an innocent 2 month old baby, baby wade was not able defend himself against these two monsters.

    Other news that really upset me today is people who move homes and leave their pets behind, i mean come on people. I’ve read of two cases today where this has happened, what’s happening to this country, have we lost the plot or what

    • love, kids and other things says:

      That is also a shocker. To add to my day yesterday a stray dog arrived at the office doorstep. Due to us working in the industrial area near the townships, stray dogs are not a rare sight. In this case though the dog was so skinny I could see all of it’s ribs, it had some rope tied around its neck and looked very ill. I called Animal Welfare to come and collect it, in the meantime we gave the dog water and bought a tin of dog food. When Animal Welfare arrived the gentleman told me it was the second stray he was called to collect in the hour. I also to my horror had to sign a Euthanasia Consent Form in the event they couldn’t help the dog. I got a strong sense the dog was not going to make it!

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