Today I am grateful for the husband…..

*Queue low lighting, soft music, chirping turtle doves, fluffy clouds and plenty of hearts*

I am not one for PDA and standing on the rooftop, professing my love but I do think it is important to give credit where due.  That is why today I am grateful for my husband.

This year marks 15 years of us being together (which by Hollywood standards is like 60 years).  Some of those times more testing then others but at the end of the day we seem to survive what is thrown at us and come out the other end stronger then ever.

images (1)

Ev is fortunate enough to work from home, which is fortunate for me too.  Daddy Daycare does everything from breakfast, to packed lunches for all of us, to dinner and co-ordinates the Tribe’s busy schedule. For this I am grateful.

I have a husband who puts up with me when I am full of shit (which in my mind is very rarely), supports whatever I want to do (even if it is getting a bicycle, cycling twice and admiring it in the garage), gives me the freedom to spend time with my friends and most of all just gets me.  For this I am MOST grateful.

images (2)

So without boring you with the details of exactly how much I love him let me just say I thank my lucky stars everyday for this  man and will always be eternally grateful for that evening I decided to go out for a drink at Barney’s in PE!


2 thoughts on “Today I am grateful for the husband…..

    • Bailey says:

      I want to “like/love” cupcakemummy’s comment! *looks for like button* And sjoe, vriendin. That is so sweeeet. He’s equally lucky to have you. 😉

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