Today I am grateful for *ahem* my Muffin Top!

Yes, I know! It does say I am grateful for my Muffin Top (MT).  The very thing I have pretty much been bitching about for the last 10 years!

I have come to realise dear MT is in no hurry to leave,  Therefore I embrace it and look on the bright side.

The positive point my MT has brought to my attention is that I clearly have food to eat, for that I am grateful.

The big one for me, which makes it all seem not such a big deal, is that this MT is here due to me being fortunate enough to have experienced 4 pregnancies!  Some people never get to experience this  and if I didn’t experience that I would not have my amazing Tribe (which is a whole grateful post on it’s own)!

As my much as I would love to wake-up tomorrow morning and have traded my MT in for a tiny little six pack, I know that is not going to happy.  So for now I live with it, I embrace it and I am grateful!



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