Today I am grateful for the week-end’s…..

After a busy week of work, homework and general organised chaos, the week-ends are always welcome to me.  I always have good intention to put my feet up, chill and have some “me” time, this happens rarely.  Not that I mind as I get to see friends and spend time with the husband and the Tribe.

Friday night we had a long overdue braai with mates.  I can’t believe this year is already into it’s 3rd month.  We had loads to catch up on and it was chilled evening.

Saturday saw us heading to Franschoek where the husband played a cricket game in the “beer league”.  What an amazing setting between the mountains.  I know loads of chicks just don’t get cricket but what a great sport for the family.  Dad on the pitch, kids in the nets getting some fresh air and Mom trying to read her book while making sure Mili-Flyn doesn’t run onto the pitch when spotting Dad.  It literally is a beer league as the guys managed to neck a few cold ones before a ball was bowled.  I also loved the fact that there is such a cool vibe on the pitch.  A wicket falls and the batsman left on the field joins the opposing teams huddle for a chat, classic!

Beer League

Beer League

Sunday brought on a new adventure.  Our good friends Matt and Liesl are great fans of the squashed grape (aka vino).  Me on the other hand, not so much.  So on my list of things to do was to go wine tasting with Liesl.  Due to us both having been knocked up over the last 2 years, Sunday was the day.  Steenberg the choice of venue and how stunning it was there (and just over the mountain for us).  I must firstly thank this lot for their patience (although I reckon I provided some comedic entertainment as I am the ONLY person they know who doesn’t enjoy wine).

I am not going to bore with the details of exactly what I tasted (mainly because I have no clue, I roll with 3 categories  bubbles, wine & red).  We started with bubbles which according to the husband from my facial expressions looked like I was not a fan, turns out it was actually not bad.  The white got better by the 3rd type/flavour that I tried, although I am yet to taste the elusive gooseberries Lucy told us we would get a strong taste of.  Onto the red!  This is where I managed a sip and the husband got lucky by being able to double up on his red intake.  Sjoe, red is not my friend at this point.  I got the goosebumps while smelling the wine and the tasting was not great.

Having said all that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Matt and Liesl add an interesting take on things as they have a genuine interest in wine and I do enjoy hearing the stories behind each vintage.  I am not throwing the towel in.  I am sure as we visit a few more wine farms my love for the white stuff will improve.

The Wino's

The Wino’s

We all headed home after that and in honour of the Irish spent the rest of the day around the pot crafting our own version of a Irish stew (potjie), drinking Guinness and relaxing.

So for that I am grateful to have a week-end.  Where even if I don’t get to put my feet up and relax, I get to spend time with the people that are important to me.


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