Pass the Red Bull

After a super chilled week-end of friends, fires and copious amounts of food.. the manic week begins.

Monday – evening off

Tuesday – Meg’s 40th party – we heading to Beefcakes to celebrate.  So excited as I have heard so much about it from the Boys.

Wednesday – Pasta Evening – Hans is making his long overdue lasagne.  This good food and company will doubt be partnered with some wine (in my case bubbles)

Thursday – Roadtrip to Slummies – straight after work it is into the car with the whole Tribe as we head to Slummies.  We are only travelling as far as JBay, Ev has meeting scheduled for Friday morning.

Friday – JBay for breakfast with the Tribe (while Ev signs a million dollar deal) then onto Slummies…. this is where the fun begins.  Pre-Pre drinks at Shane’s house (Tayla’s Dad for those not in the loop) with family, pre drinks the Clifford’s house for some matric’s and their parents…. then off to the school so see the girls arrive with partners!  After that if I am still awake, we will have dinner with the parentals.

Saturday – Breakfast and catch up with some mates.  Lunchtime we head off to St Francis Bay to spend the evening

Sunday – Travel back to Cape-Town


Someone please pass me a RED BULL!


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