Dear Pops….

Dear Pops,

I still remember us sitting in the lounge in Buller Street.  Tayla was pulling herself up against the coffee table that she used to love crawling through, I said I couldn’t wait for her to start walking.  Your comment was not to be in too much of a hurry as before I knew she would be at school, then in Matric, then onto other things.  This conversation came back to me when I saw her this week-end.

Ev and I bundled the whole Tribe into the bus and set off to Slummies.  We got there at about 4pm on Friday and after a very quick shower and change we headed off to pre pre drinks at Shane’s house. By the time we got there Tayla was already dressed, make-up and hair done.  Pops, you would have been so proud, she looked stunning!

Tayla, Caleb & Ella

Tayla, Caleb & Ella

After a photo session of note we went to the pre-drinks, where it was great to catch up with the other parents I hadn’t seem in ages.  Those invited to pre-drinks then got onto the Party Bus, which took them to the Matric Farewell.

I would say I wished you were there to see it but the weather had been totally miserable and managed to stay clear for the most part of the evening.  This I am sure was your way of ensuring we knew you were there in spirit.

With a Tribe as large as mine there are so many milestones and I am sure you are there smiling down on each and everyone of them.

Ella-Blu got awarded Most Promising Baseball Player.  She wasn’t the to receive her award as we were in East London but they kindly dropped off her certificate for her yesterday.  Pops, she would keep you on your toes!

Caleb is priceless.  He has a sense of humour that I know you would appreciate.  He is always looking for the brightest star in the night sky and telling me it is you looking down on us.

Mili-Flyn is a whole story on her own.  Classically know as the Calm before the Storm.  She slept through the first year of her life and has now made up for it and insists on keeping up with Ella-Blu and Caleb.

That is a quick wrap up of things in the Ferreira household, but I am sure you already knew it all.

Love and miss you madly,





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