19 years ago I stood in a LONG queue

I will be the first to put my hand in the air and state that I didn’t pay enough attention to SA politics growing up.  I was told Nelson Mandela was a terrorist who wanted to kill ALL white people, therefore he deserved to be in jail.

I remember starting to pay attention when while we were having one of our many braai’s at home, my Pops had the radio on and an announcement was made that FW De Klerk had decided to have Nelson Mandela released.  For the first time I gave this “terrorist” some thought and figured if FW De Klerk was happy to release him, there must be more to the story.

Google and Wikipedia where not crowd favourites at this point and for the most part I just asked various people what their opinion was on the matter and made my own assumption.

19 years ago today, I stood in a very LONG queue, waiting to cast by ballot.  I stood in this queue with my Pops.  It was a long hot day in the sun but not a soul complained and the mood was upbeat.  I cast my vote and as they say, the rest is HISTORY.

What I do now know is that although this beautiful country of mine has it’s problems, so does every country.  It is a trade off of what is important to you as an individual as to where you choose to live.  I choose South Africa.

mandela quote copy


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