Mothers Day

With Mothers Day looming on 12 May I have been looking for something different to do for my Mom and send to her for Mothers/Grandmothers Day.  With her being in the Eastern Cape and us in Cape-Town it does limit what can be done.

I found the perfect gift though!  How damn sweet is that? I am going to get my Tribe to do their own messages on a board, take some photo’s, then call on the ever talented Cupcake Mummy to work her creative genius and put it together in an uber cool fashion!



Something else that was very cute and would be fun to make with the Tribe was this fun holder which can be used for a tea light or even a plant.



While perusing my much loved Pinterest, I stumbled over these funnies which I couldn’t resist sharing.

worried mom




So put a sticky note on the fridge, 12 May is Mothers Day.  Hope all the Mom’s out there get spoilt, especially the single Mom’s who deserve an extra high-five!


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