Jon the Legend!

I grew up listening to music, lots of it.  Bon Jovi were one of the many bands I rocked to, still remember how stoked I was when I bought my “Slippery When Wet” CD.  I also have memories of Heidi and I lying heart broken on my bed listening to Bed of Roses… but I digress…

The story starts with our good friend Hans (lover of much music too) messaging me with excitement about Bon Jovi coming to SA and following it up swiftly with an email and tickets attached (he is good like that, doesn’t waste much time).  I have been super amped for this concert for months now and have been surprised to find that loads of people find Bon Jovi cheesy and very last season.

Not letting that stop me, off we went to Vik’s place for pre-drinks and a catch up.  I was chomping at the bit to get out of there and onto the stadium and perhaps the chance of bumping into some Slummies peeps. So I rushed everyone along which turned out to be a good thing as our super organised Hans left a ticket behind.  So off he went on a mad dash up the M3 to Tokai to reprint a ticket.  Hans makes is back to the stadium on time and everyone breathes a sign of relief and the show begins.  (we missed the opening acts which wasn’t a biggy for us).




Initially the sound was crap but that seems to be standard for Cape-Town Stadium which was built as a sports arena.  That, nor the tone deaf woman behind me who kept singing a line ahead to prompt her poise, didn’t even detract from an amazing evening.  The crowd participation was amazing, Jon’s interaction with the crowd was incredible and I loved his chirp “I may not be as pretty as Justin Bieber, I may not dance as well as Justin Timberlake but I have been around for twice as long as they have and I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” Jon Bon Jovi, Legend!

I have been fortunate enough to have attended a good number of music concerts and it has to be said the “older” bands still rock it.  They seem to be doing it for the right reasons and it works.  Jon Bon Jovi has more stage presence in his pinky then the whole of Kings Of Leon could ever dream of having.

So if Bon Jovi is perceived to be cheesy please can someone serve me up a double helping and SUPER SIZE IT!


2 thoughts on “Jon the Legend!

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    jealous as all hell. grew up to my gran dancing me to sleep to jovi and believe it or not but our valedictory song was “livin on a prayer” still can’t hear it without my chest getting all tight and going blubber teary eyed.

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Sorry you missed it, not to rub salt in the wound but definately on my top 3 list of best concerts. Also Jon still look very much like “sex on legs”

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