Yes, I Beiber’d

The Beiber Fever has been building up in our house for ages.  Ella has a crush on the boy.  Something I can’t fault her on, as I remember having a wall full of Duran Duran posters and picturing my wedding to John Taylor on a daily basis.

Ella spent last week Sunday on the iPad, looking up all the Beiber lyrics, handwriting them and rehearsing them from there on.  In fact to such an extent that Caleb was crying on Monday night as he couldn’t get to sleep due to Ella’s singing (never a dull moment in the Ferreira household).

After Jon Bovi on Tuesday I was feeling a little tired but with great excitement the crew (except for Mili-Flyn who is more of a Marilyn Manson fan) headed off to the stadium.  We met up with the boys (Baz & Adrian), had a bite to eat and headed into BEIBER FEVER!  We got a good spot at the back end of general standing where the kids could see the screens and we weren’t swamped by too many BEILEBER’s.  There was a great atmosphere in the stadium with the Mexican wave doing it’s rounds and the frequent chanting of JUSTIN, JUSTIN!  I was preparing myself for a late arrival by the Beiber but it turned out he appeared earlier.  A clock with a 10 minute countdown appeared and the stadium erupted as the minutes got closer.

On cue the Beiber appeared and the crowd went MENTAL.


My Beliebers

My Beliebers

There is no denying it is a spectacular show (for me Gaga still trumps Beiber though).  What amazed me the most was the diverse fan base he has.  Not just screaming teen girls.  I had a Muslim mommy of around 50 years old, with full on Muslim gear and she was rocking it and knew all the WORDS.  Also a crowd of guys, 20 something years old, who were loving it and were true Beleibers.

The only 2 Non Beliebers in the stadium

The only 2 Non Beliebers in the stadium


Although I wasn’t chomping at the bit to see him perform, I am glad I got to see him.  I have never had much of an opinion on Beiber but I can say he is one talented guy.  He sings, he dances and is very handy behind a drum kit.

Caleb having a disco nap while Beiber performs

Caleb having a disco nap while Beiber performs

So am I a BELIEBER now?  No I am not but nor am I a Beiber hater. I can’t fault him as a performer or entertainer but his music is just not for me.  If he returns to SA I will take my crew again as they had the best time there and I am sure this is an experience Ella will remember forever (like my first eVoid concert at Orient Theatre).  I will again be entertained by Beiber and the whole hype and fanfare that comes with it and put it down to a good night out.


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