Look WHOOO turned 2!

I know at the age of 2 you don’t have much clue about your birthday and all the fuss around it, so the party is technically for the benefit of the parents. This was no different with Mili-Flyn’s 2nd birthday party we held on Saturday.

I have had a Pinterest board since last year for her 2nd birthday and have been pinning ideas like mad.  I am not sure why I decided on an Owl theme but I did and I loved it (I am sure Mili did too).

I was lucky enough to have Cupcake Mummy volunteer her mad skills to make the cake and later roped her into making the party favours.  A big thank-you to her.  I am sure she did it out of sympathy when she realised my crafting skills were non existent.  She arrived on Friday evening with a few round sponge cakes and managed to craft the most stunning cake.

The Cake

The Cake

My sister put her design skills to work and did all the printing… including the cutest labels for the sweet bottles which said Owl Droppings!

Saturday arrived and not even  a visit from the Electrician and Plumbers to assist with our lack of hot, out a damper the day.

The party table

The party table


Mili had a ball and as she suffers from a serious case of FOMO didn’t go to sleep until 10:00pm!

photo (4)

As the party was more for the adults, we had a lunch/dinner potjie, with most of the guests leaving around midnight.  Dr Bo (The Godfather) provided the most amazing dessert “Sex in a Pan” which is 6 layers of decadence!  Ii am hoping to get him to share his recipe (what this space).

Sex in a Pan

Sex in a Pan

I am happy to report the 2nd birthday of Mili’s was a great success enjoyed by young and old!  My mind now boggles for what next year holds.  Perhaps a Shaun the Sheep party?  **runs off the start a new Pinterest board**

photo (2)


3 thoughts on “Look WHOOO turned 2!

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    Aaaah I missed out on the “sex in a pan” dammit!
    Was a great pay! But if you do Shaun the sheep next year I’m boycotting the party… Maybe just cute little sheep. Shaun freaks me out.
    Had fun, thanks for having Fysh and I over 🙂

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