The Tribe – Order of Birth

I know I am stating the obvious here but I am still often surprised at how different my kids are.  I mean, they are from the same gene pool, they look similar but my word their personalities are all very unique.

I read something about “Order of  Birth impacting your Personality’ awhile ago.  I have always had it in the back of my mind and often ask people were they fall in the sibling chain, then try and match the personality to that.

This is my take on my Tribe:

Tayla -18 – Oldest – Smart, Sensitive, Caring, Responsible, Loving, Hardworking , Determined

Ella – 11 – Middle – Free-spirited, Loving, Kind, Quirky, Confident, Fearless, Street Smart

Caleb – 6 – Middle – Talkative, Funny, Adventurous, Physical, Charming, Conscientious

Mili-Flyn – 2 – Last Born (I hope) – Headstrong, Independent, Curious

I found this while browsing the interweb, which is interesting.  I also found loads of other information relating to the topic but thought the lighthearted approach was more fun.


order of birth


I do believe it has some impact but so does your order of birth by the way your parent’s handle you.  I am the oldest and definitely feel that I was the crash test dummy / guinea pig.  My parents were very strict and when it got to my sister (albeit we have a 8 year age difference) they had defiantly chilled out and perhaps even learnt from “mistakes” made with me.  But that topic could be a whole new blog post 🙂

My Tribe

My Tribe


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