Lazy days and a face lift

Friday afternoon I got to catch the end of Caleb”s rugby training.  Watching a bunch of  year old’s case a rugby ball like a flock of sheep is very entertaining.  The coach has infinite patience and needs a medal.  Ella had a party on Friday evening,  the rest of us chilled at home, with Ev drawing the short straw and having to go fetch Ella at 10pm.

Saturday was a big sporting day as we headed down the road (7:30am) rather early to Kommetjie Primary for a Soccer Festival.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed their games.  I was entertained by the spotting the Kommetjie dad’s, in boardies and slops, while the rest of us were in jackets beanies and boots.  I love my corner of the world.

After viewing a house, I have fallen in love with, we headed back home and that is were I planned to stay until Monday, with the horrible weather looming.  I did however get lured out the house, across the wall and into our neighbours house for an unplanned braai.  Which turned out to be a top evening.

Sunday and I have been a girl true to my word, I have not left the house.  I have rotated from the bed, to the bath, to the couch and occasionally the kitchen. This gave me time to give this little blog a much needed face lift!  I even pimp it, it’s own Facebook page.

A busy week awaits us with my folks visiting from Slummies and the kids having a bumper packed week of events.  So with that I sign off and move from the couch into my toasty bed.



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