The Club

Our Book Club came into being in 2010.  It was formed by NON Cape-Tonians , mainly ex Slummies girls, as a need for a social outing and a way to hopefully “make the circle bigger” (which is very CPT).  I am not sure what the other girls had in mind but the book part for me was an added extra and the focus for me was just on having some adult company.

The idea was to pay R100, the host gets to spend the money on their choice of books to be added to the “stock”, they provide a meal and the girls bring their own wine.  We had a few hiccups along the way with some wanting it to be more of a SERIOUS event and we actually discuss the books and review them!   To be honest, I really don’t care what you thought of the book, let me find out for myself.  I digress, things sorted themselves out with a few members leaving (some of them with our Book Club kitty) and some new faces joining.  The “rules” have also changed and we are still not sure what has happened to our crate of books, as it hasn’t been around for month.

The beauty of this lovely bunch of ladies is that we all value our monthly little outings together.  Whether it be catching a movie, going for a meal or just kicking back at someone’s house.  So the BOOK CLUB has now changed to The CLUB.  We make the “rules” up as we go along but the main thing is we have a jol while doing so.

I put some feelers out on Facebook and got some interesting responses to what sort of monthly Clubs some of the girls belong too.  I did have a little chuckle to myself as all the replies I got where from Slummies girls.  They not necessarily living there but it shows what a social bunch the EC girls are.

My friend Bernice has a Magazine Club she belongs too.  This is how it works:

Our Magazine Club goes to a different restaurant each month! There are 6 of us, which keeps things cozy! We usually just split the bill 6 ways and we each have specific magazines we buy.  We then swop and bring old mags too, so you get to take a few home! This has been going for 3 years and I love it … We used to have snacks every alternate month but decided the eating out is more fun!

Dellize is part of a STOKVEL Club, I love this idea:

My bunch of ladies call our supper club STOKVEL we have supper & lots of wine & each month you pay R100 into a saving account, at end of year you have R1000 (we do 10months) – last year we all took our money and had a girls weekend away!

Nikki’s 100 Club looks like an absolute jol:

100 club, each month we pay R120 and someone hosts (everybody gets a turn), the host then organises a light supper – can even be hotdogs – and an activity…. things we’ve done: pole dancing, been to loads of shows, belly dancing, dinner parties, nude art sketching, tenpin bowling, yacht cruises, Argentine tango, classic old movie night etc…

Pat is rocking her own Club in Dubai, Curry Club.  This looks great and I would be keen to do it on a quarterly basis as it gives you the opportunity to include your spouse.  I also think these girls are super smart for taking advantage of the guys competitive nature by making them cook and making the girls score!The Curry Club works like this:

At our Curry Club the men have to cook the curries!  The host supplies the rice, sambals and salad, that way it’s easy.  We then rate the curries.  We also get to dress to an Indian theme.  The host couple gets to invite a new couple which us the chance to meet new people.  When friends of mine in SA did this that had chef’s jackets made with the Curry Club logo on it.  We meet every 6 weeks!

Love all of these idea’s and I am sure our little Club will incorporate them and give them a go.  I think I speak for all of the girls though, when saying that even if we were just meeting in the park with a box of wine (God forbid) we would still be having a jol as it is about getting out and having some ME time when not being surrounded by “little people”.




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