A giant mistake?

HI.  My name is Nikki.  I am a Parlotones fan!

Feels good to have gotten that off my chest.  I always feel like I keep that bit of information to myself, like a closet fan.  Mentioning it often brings up the debate of how they are sell out’s, which I just can’t get my head around.  So this is what I think.

Surely being a musician is one of the professions were receiving international recognition/acclaim  is what you work towards?

Journalists wish to have there articles published internationally, Sunday Times of London or the New York Times; Sportsman’s wish to represent their countries, take part in the Olympics or make it onto an international sports circuit; Artists wish to have their work displayed at the Louvre, Tate Modern; Play writers wish to have their plays featured on Broadway! The list is endless, except for accountants who I reckon just wish to make it through the day without being disliked by their colleagues 🙂    Why then do The Parlotones get accused of being sell outs for moving to USA and trying to break into the international market?  I don’t recall people accusing  Just Jinjer of being sell out’s when they headed to California to make it big or Seether taking flack for moving to the USA and in doing so making it as  No. 1 Active Rock Artist on Billboard Charts?

Another bone of contention is the KFC advert, selling out to the corporate world, being too commercial.  I don’t know how much there is to be made as a musician when you are still trying to break-ground and into the international market, but I don’t imagine you are raking in the big money.  So if having a KFC snack box named after you pays the bills, then so be it.  Michael Jackson managed to do nicely from his Pepsi endorsement, U2 partnered with Apple.  Some of our sportsman have been know to look rather gay running along the beach with a Labrador or standing in the supermarket sniffing on a shower gel.  Not many people are going to say no to the quick cash and if they able to make it, good on them.

My point after this little rant is don’t hate them for being sell outs.  Perhaps their music is not to your taste, which is fair enough.  Perhaps Kahn’s eyeliner fetish it not your liking, so be it.  Let’s just not crucify our SA peeps for wanting to better themselves.  I can only think that with the huge amount of talent we have in SA  at the moment on the music scene, we will see more of bands taking to the skies and looking to further their careers on foreign soil.

With that being said I think the amount of Parlotones “haters” are a small minority.  They did manage to fill the Coca-Cola in Johannesburg in 2009 being the headline act, I stand corrected but I think that is a first for a SA band.  So are they a Giant Mistake ?  Not for me!



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