SA Can Run

I received an invitation to the launch of Elana Meyer’s new initiative, Endurocad. I had chatted to her briefly about it when it was in it’s infancy stage, so I had a vague idea of what it was about.  So off we headed last night to Sports Science Institute.


The evening kicked off with some mingling in the foyer before we went into auditorium for the presentation.  Not to go into too much detail regarding the in’s and out’s of this Academy but mention must be made of Dr Ross Tucker.  I generally have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to the nuts and bolts and technical side of things, my mind wonders off and I start making grocery lists and planning events.  Not last night, I found Dr Ross Tucker to be extremely interesting, informative and he added his own twist of humour on to things.  The basic fact is that the Academy aims to produce South African long distance runners and they seem to have an amazing team that is going to work towards making it possible and bringing back a medal from the Rio Olympics.

In doing this they are inspiring a nation to run with the SA Can Run initiative.  Weekly community based runs are among some of the ideas they have. Check out the website for more details

The cherry on the cake for me though was listening to Elana talk.  Growing up I always knew her as our silver medal Olympian.  Then when having the opportunity to work with her I discovered what a smart and determined woman she is.  Last night was a reminder of what she had accomplished and of what she still has to offer the sport.  With her tales of having to watch the World Championships (1991) in Toyko from the stands, as she wasn’t allowed to compete due to the fact she was a South African, and knowing she could beat the winning times, to her stories of going to Barcelona in 1992 for the Olympics with no national flag and no anthem and still bringing a medal home!   Whoever coined the phrase “dynamite comes in small packages” definitely had Elana in mind.

elana silver


The evening ended off with some snacks and drinks and a chance to mingle with some old friends.  Kasia, I know I am on point with beauty and fashion when I arrive at an event with the same nail colour as you 🙂

I wish Elana and her team the best of luck and encourage everyone to put their running shoes on join the SA Can Run campaign.


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