Youth Day week-end

Youth Day week-end lived up to it’s name with us having all our chickens in the nest.  Tayla came down from East London for the long week-end.

Only plans we had was to watch the rugby on Saturday and have a few friends over.  With Ev cooking up a storm in his usual style and even providing an apple tart!  Boys seated in front of the telly and the girls catching up on news.   As always we had a great evening.

Caleb had a temperature from Friday, which I dosed with Panado, thinking it would sort itself out.  Only to wake up on Sunday to discover he had chickenpox.  Not the worst thing for me as Ev has experienced it as an adult and it was 2 weeks of hell for him.  By Sunday the temp was down and he was just covered in spots.  With that in mind we all headed to Muizenberg beach for coffee and pastries to celebrate Fathers Day.  We spent the afternoon at home relaxing, flicking through the channels ans doing washing (must make the most of the sunshine when you have a house of 6 to do washing for).



All round a very chilled and relaxing week-end, which seems to be the theme this Winter.  Hibernation.  Tayla is back at the end of the week for the June holidays.  Caleb is super excited, he adores her.  Mili has found someone else to entertain with her antics and Ella is so stoked with Tayla’s  “hand me down” netbook that she is squirreled away in her room watching movies.

This week-end sees us heading out on Friday night to my first DnB experience.  Since we are neighbours to the legendary DJ Tempo we are going out in full support of the event.  Will keep you posted on the evening.  If you are a DnB fan, see link below for the details.



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