Disco Diva goes Junglist!

For those not in the KNOW, we live next door to our besties, of which one happens to be DnB DJ Tempo (UK).  My DnB knowledge is non existent, so when we were invited to join the neighbours at Assembly on Friday to see DJ Tempo in action I did a little digging around.  I listened to DJ Tempo and MC Tan on Kickin Radio (internet based radio) so had a vague idea of what I was in for on Friday.

Friday arrives and off to Assembly we went at around 11pm. We didn’t leave that late because we cool and that’s how we roll, no, we left that late because Mili refused to go to sleep and eventually I left a very unhappy Mili behind.  DJ Tempo was only due on at 12:30pm, so we had some time to catch up when we got there. Our ever entertaining friend, Toby, provided heaps of entertainment by spending the evening in a gorilla suit and tearing up the dance floor.



DJ Tempo is whizz behind the decks and I am hoping he can give me a crash course in remixing some disco tunes.  MC Tan as always, fueled by Red Bull, never misses a trick.  His power of observation  keeps all entertained with his sharp wit and lyrics.  We headed home around 2:00am from a very smokey Assembly (I know I sounds like an old 40 something chick).  We had a really enjoyable evening, mine spent watching from the sidelines.

Is DnB for me? I liken the experience to a very pumped up aerobics class and we all know how I feel about exercise.  I am the Queen of Disco and must say I like to shake my booty while singing along to some cheesy lyrics.  Having said that I will definately go to another DnB evening in support of DJ Tempo.




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