And in a flash, school is done for my firstborn!

Wow, it has been ages since I posted anything here.  To say I have been in a “dark place” is a slight exaggeration.  It has been a challenging few months, so lets refer to it as a “dimly lit place”.  With that having being said, I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by without a mention and a chance to capture my blogging MOJO back…

This week brings Tayla’s last week of school and her Valedictory.  Also a big reminder of how quickly time passes us by.  I feel like it was just last week I was walking that tiny girl into Clarendon Prep and was so daunted by all the Mommy things that needed to be done.  Since then I have turned into somewhat of a PRO… 4 kids will do that to you!

I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing lady Tayla has turned into.  Every now and then I see shades of myself in her and get the crap scared out of me! Somehow though she has managed a balance of all the good between the Els & Viviers families, with just the odd quirk to keep me on my toes.

So my darling Tayla, although I can not be with you tomorrow, please know that I will be thinking of you and look forward to the barrage of crazy photo’s with you, Sez and Cass.

Love you always,

Mama Bear

IMG-20130923-WA001 (1)


2 thoughts on “And in a flash, school is done for my firstborn!

  1. michelle bartie says:

    You have so much to be proud of my friend, you certainly have raised a beautiful young lady and I see only success in her future (oops didn’t mean to sound like a fortune teller)!

    Very glad to have you back blogging!!

    Lots of Love

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