Who’s that Girl – Kelly Pienaar

One little footnote I failed to mention when I announced this weekly feature is that all of the ladies I will be featuring have somehow crossed my path during the course of my life.  Some have been lifelong friends for over 35 years (I know, don’t even go there), others have been a part of my life along the journey, other I might not have seem for many sunsets but think of often and others I might just have had interaction with via Twitter but they have had an impact on my life or made an impression!

Ordinary Women

Our first “girl” in question is Kelly Pienaar, Mom of 3, recently relocated to the Middle East.  Kelly relocated to Cape-Town a few months before we did and was one of the first people I made friends with (she also does an impressive Bear impersonation).  Have a read and see what she had to say!

Getting to know you:

cropped-images.jpg    Tell us a little bit about yourself?

KP: I am a mom, teacher, cleaner, wife and friend. I’m so busy with that, I’ve forgotten if there’s anything else! Fun, spontaneous, demanding, good listener and talker.

cropped-images.jpgDaily routine?

KP: Wake up, make bottles, breakfast for kids, daily home schooling with 10 yr old and 4 year whilst keeping the 1 yr occupied. Clean, clean and get walked over by my kids. Husband works and travels so I am at home pretty much everyday,  not very exciting but exhausting! Some days a fellow SA friend and I decide to do spontaneous stuff. Catch taxis to malls, the only spontaneous thing about that is the taxi ride. The other night we decided to go shopping, caught a taxi that smelt of live stock ( some guy had just gotten in there with his lamb for Eid slaughtering ) imagine it now…. A man in robes with his lamb, so bizarre.  You don’t catch taxis here on your own as they will abduct you being western woman!  Then of course the blessed subject all mothers like ” what’s for dinner?” So we decide on the nearest take away or express meal we can find! It’s hard with not being able to drive to pop to the shops to get fresh ingredients for dinner! 

cropped-images.jpg Things you miss about living in South Africa?

KP: Not having to wear an abaya!!!!!!!! ( I literally shop in my pj’s here, nobody knows the difference). Biltong, English speaking people,  booze on tap, a good healthy meal and accessibility to schools for my children

cropped-images.jpg   Things you love about living in Saudi?

KP: Change of life.  The possibilities of doors it has opened.  Learning about different cultures. Shopping! But most of all feeling secure with my 3 girls in my home when my husband works and travels and not living in a cage.  Meeting fellow SA folk has also been somewhat entertaining!

cropped-images.jpg   Biggest adjustment you have had to make since moving?

KP:  Climate extremely hot temps, 50 degree heat.  Wearing an abaya.  Not having to lock doors and put on alarms.  Th fuel price! R20 to fill up a tank of petrol! That’s pocket change here! Cheap electricity bills with ACs running 24/7 R200 a month including water!

cropped-images.jpg   What is your middle name?

KP: Anne

cropped-images.jpg Fears?

KP: Death and loosing my love ones


One thing you consider yourself to be good at?

KP: Shopping for bargains!

cropped-images.jpg   Anything you wish to change about yourself?

KP:  I am my own worst enemy and critic, drives me dilly!

cropped-images.jpgList 3 of your best personality traits?

KP: Spontaneous, open-minded and funny (I like to think so)

cropped-images.jpg   List 3 of your worst personality traits?

KP:   Always wanting to help others, letting people in to quickly & OCD

cropped-images.jpg   One thing not many peoples know about you?

KP: I think I am the fattest and ugliest person 😦

cropped-images.jpg   Do you have any bad habits?

KP:  Eating chocolate in the dark and drinking wine

cropped-images.jpg Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy?

KP:  Both, it is fun while I am doing it but I hate myself afterwards

 The fun stuff:

cropped-images.jpg   What was your nickname in high school?

KP:  Kel

cropped-images.jpg  Any tattoo’s or piercings?

KP:  6 tats and pierced ears

cropped-images.jpg What is on your beside table?

KP:  iPhone, lamp, wet wipes, baby bottle with water (for Laci of course) and a bottle of water for me (I die of thirst out here)

cropped-images.jpg   Are you a morning or night person?

KP:  Not a morning person, definately a vampire

cropped-images.jpg If you could get a free airfare, name a country you would visit?

KP:  Greece

cropped-images.jpg  One luxury you can’t do without?

KP: Chocolate


Favourite song at the moment?

KP:  Katy Perry – ROAR

cropped-images.jpg   Ninja’s or pirates?

KP: Neither

cropped-images.jpg   Favourite childhood television program?

KP:  Snoopy

cropped-images.jpg Are you a collector of anything?

KP:  I love lanterns and hearts

cropped-images.jpg What is your first thought when you wake up?

KP:  Why o why do I have to get out of bed!

cropped-images.jpg Last thought before you go to sleep?

KP:  What I need to do the next day.  OCD Much?


Dream job?

KP:   Interior decorating but for the everyday Joe, like me, on a shoestring budget

cropped-images.jpg   Any hidden talents?

KP: I can do lots of things at once

cropped-images.jpg One thing not many people know about you?

KP:  I can do lots of things at once


Are you mostly a clean or messy person?

KP:  OCD, say no more!


One thing you miss about being a kid?

KP:  Having no responsibilities!  I miss those days!! Freedom to play, no dead lines!

cropped-images.jpg One thing you love about being a woman?

KP:  Being able to bare children and dressing pretty when we want too!

cropped-images.jpg  Favourite song at the moment?

KP:  Katy Perry Roar

The Serious stuff:


cropped-images.jpg    Do you think God exists?

KP:  Yes

cropped-images.jpg    Do you think any kind of afterlife exists?

KP:  I’d like to hope so

cropped-images.jpg    Do you vote? Why/why not?

KP:  Yes so that if I’m not happy I can have an opinion. No vote, no say. Vote for fairness to all.


Your thoughts n gay marriage?

KP: Honestly I have no issues I just have no idea how 2 chicks can live together the jealously in that relationship must be insane x


Do you think morals are universal or relative to the beliefs, traditions and practices of individuals or groups?

                KP: Living here morals are definately from the traditions, beliefs and practices.  They should be universal!

Kelly Pienaar

Kelly Pienaar


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