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Ordinary Women

Today’s “girl” entered my life thanks to Twitter…. I stumbled upon her blog and spent the rest of the day reading it.  I loved the honesty that each blog post was written with, even loved the fact that some of them are PG rated.  We got chatting and soon enough Cupcake Mummy came over and did a family shoot for us (yes, she is also a talented photographer). A full day was spent by us running from the rain to get all the shots taken and the rest is history…….

Getting to know you:

cropped-images.jpg    Tell us a little bit about yourself?

CM:  real-life sailor / tattooed aspie mum to fysh / cupcake obsessed hedgehog owner / book reading tea lover / blogger / vegan-ish mermaid / puddle jumping camera slave

cropped-images.jpg  Daily routine?

CM:  It’s pretty boring really… I eat, work, sleep and gym.

Monday to Thursday it’s the same same:
05:30 – wake up and shower, do my hair (which means run my fingers through it) and get dressed, have breakfast
06:00 – wake up Fysh
06:15 – leave home and sit in traffic
06:20 – drop Fysh off at school
07:00 – get to work
now between 07:00 and 16:00 i have a normal boring office job in which i also attempt to do a lot of my freelance design work
16:00 – leave work and mission off to fetch Fysh
17:00 – get home, make dinner, get ready for gym, try read a few chapters of whatever book i’m reading
19:00 to 20:00 – boxing/muay thai
20:30 – home to work on whatever illustration projects i have or read.
Bedtime is whenever I pass out, usually around 1 am or so.  Weekends are never the same other than I finish work at 14:00 on a Friday

cropped-images.jpg  Things you miss about living in South Africa?

CM:  The ocean, simba chips and a proper braai. also the saffa accent, as ugly as it is you really do start missing it after a while

cropped-images.jpg   Things you love about living in Germany?

CM:  The green-ness and the culture! There was always a party wherever you went and even if they were in the forest you could go back the next day and it would be spotless. I lived in a village not in a big city so the safety aspect of it was also really great.

cropped-images.jpg   Biggest adjustment you have had to make since moving?

CM:  Most definitely learning the language. I went there not being able to speak german and they spoke about 4 dialects where i stayed and NO english haha

cropped-images.jpg   What is your middle name?

CM:  My parents weren’t THAT cruel

cropped-images.jpg Fears?

CM:  The dark and midgets

cropped-images.jpg   Anything you wish to change about yourself?

CM:  I suppose the usual BS that I’d like to be skinny and fit into a size 2 but also I wouldn’t mind my body making chemicals like it should, might make my life a little easier.

cropped-images.jpg  List 3 of your best personality traits?

CM: I’m sarcastic, a chameleon and loud when i want to be

cropped-images.jpg   List 3 of your worst personality traits?

CM: My sarcasm (can be seen as kak), i’m pretty crass and i have no filter between my mind and mouth

cropped-images.jpg   One thing not many peoples know about you?

CM: I struggled with anorexia (yeah, you wouldn’t say that now) and I suffer from night terrors

cropped-images.jpg   Do you have any bad habits?

CM:  Too many to type out here

cropped-images.jpg Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy?

CM:  My OCD, it kicks in at the most inconvenient of times

 The fun stuff:

cropped-images.jpg   What was your nickname in high school?

CM:  Cupcake – hasn’t changed much haha

cropped-images.jpg  Any tattoo’s or piercings?

CM:  yeah, quite a few actually

cropped-images.jpg What is on your beside table?

CM:  Don’t have a bedside table

cropped-images.jpg   Are you a morning or night person?

CM:  depends really

cropped-images.jpg  If you could get a free airfare, name a country you would visit?

CM:  Russia

cropped-images.jpg  One luxury you can’t do without?

CM:  internet

cropped-images.jpg   Ninja’s or pirates?

CM:  ninja pirates

cropped-images.jpg   Favourite childhood television program?

CM:  carebears

cropped-images.jpg  Are you a collector of anything?

CM:  postcards

cropped-images.jpg  What is your first thought when you wake up?

CM:  stupid fucking alarm, i need to pee

cropped-images.jpg Last thought before you go to sleep?

CM:  it only takes 7 minutes to fall asleep < i struggle to fall asleep and this seems to help, no idea why


Dream job?

CM:  illustrator / photographer / writer < anything that allows me to travel and earn an income at the same time

cropped-images.jpg   Any hidden talents?

CM:  hidden ones? erm… not sure hey. I can draw, cook, knit, sew, fix engines, sail, fish

cropped-images.jpg  Are you mostly a clean or messy person?

CM:  clean but very disorganized

cropped-images.jpg One thing you miss about being a kid?

CM:  no responsibilities

cropped-images.jpg One thing you love about being a woman?

CM:  boobs get you a lot of things (i wouldn’t know what it’s like to be a man so this is a kinda hard question)

cropped-images.jpg  Favourite song at the moment?

CM:  the cave – mumford and sons

The Serious stuff: 

cropped-images.jpg    Do you think God exists?

CM:  Define God

cropped-images.jpg    Do you think any kind of afterlife exists?

CM:  Not in the heaven/hell sense no. I believe we are made up of matter and energy, when we die that gets dispersed. No idea what happens to the “me” part. If I did I wouldn’t be answering this email right?

cropped-images.jpg  Do you vote? Why/why not?

CM:  Yes, you can’t bitch about what’s going on if you don’t make an effort to change it. 

cropped-images.jpg  Your thoughts n gay marriage?

CM:  My brother and his awesome husband are very happily married and I can’t wait for them to adopt and become dads. Enough said.

cropped-images.jpg  Do you think morals are universal or relative to the beliefs, traditions and practices of individuals or groups?

CM:  Have you seen the world we live in? Do you see any morals left? Our president is a rapist with who knows how many wives, the Americas fight for power and oil, Gah… let me rather not get started on this question or we’ll be here all day.

Cupcake Mummy & Fysh

Cupcake Mummy & Fysh

Footnote: For all my OCD friends, I am sorry these blog posts don’t align.  My WordPress skills seem to be lacking.  I will have a crash course with my WordPress guru friend soon and hopefully deliver perfectly aligned blog posts 🙂






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