Who’s that Girl? – Liesl Bush aka Farm Girl

Ordinary Women

The Farm Girl was one I met when we moved to Cape-Town.  We were both worked for the same “Company”, soon got chatting and I discovered she also live in the Valley.  Soon we were taking on a walking challenge, which was an epic fail.  The friendship however is stronger then ever.  We are part of the same “book club” and often spend an evening chilling on the couch chatting, while the husbands watch sport and the kids tear the house apart. Love her sense of humour and the fact that she has also not managed to find her filter, says it like it is 🙂  Liesl is also the owner of The Farmers Daughter, so if you live in Cape-Town, pop over to the FB page and see what it is all about.


Getting to know you:

cropped-images.jpg    Tell us a little bit about yourself?

LB:  Drama Queen who loves having fun with family and friends 

cropped-images.jpgDaily routine?

LB:  Time with kids, pack lunch , give breakfast to kids, drop Dylan at school – go hide at my office in Kalk Bay 

cropped-images.jpg Things you loved about living in London?

LB:  Loved earning Pounds  – having public transport – good service – and being able to travel all the time 

cropped-images.jpg   What is your middle name?

LB: None

cropped-images.jpg Fears?

LB:   Anything happening to my kids or hubby 

cropped-images.jpg   Anything you wish to change about yourself?

LB:   Eat and not get fat 

cropped-images.jpg  List 3 of your best personality traits?

LB:   Sense of humour, optimism, being loyal   

cropped-images.jpg   List 3 of your worst personality traits?

LB:   Short temper (or maybe that just comes when you get kids) , impatient,  stubborn 

cropped-images.jpg   One thing not many peoples know about you?

LB:   Nothing – I over share – should I put that at question above 

cropped-images.jpg   Do you have any bad habits?

LB:   Loads 

cropped-images.jpg  Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy?

LB:   Ag none really  – it is part of who I am 

 The fun stuff:

cropped-images.jpg   What was your nickname in high school?

LB:  Slush – don’t ask – isn’t as interesting a story as it sounds  

cropped-images.jpg  Any tattoo’s or piercings?

LB:  2 tattoo , pierced ears 

cropped-images.jpg  What is on your beside table?

LB:  Books , spare dummy for Jack , tissues , water 

cropped-images.jpg   Are you a morning or night person?

LB:  Morning

cropped-images.jpg  If you could get a free airfare, name a country you would visit?

LB:  Vietnam 

cropped-images.jpg  One luxury you can’t do without?

LB:  Good face cream 

cropped-images.jpg   Ninja’s or pirates?

LB:  Pirates that is Jack Sparrow , I mean CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow 

cropped-images.jpg   Favourite childhood television program?

LB: Dawie die Kabouter – So cute when they did the nose kissing 

cropped-images.jpg  Are you a collector of anything?

LB:  All sorts of crap I might need one day 

cropped-images.jpg  What is your first thought when you wake up?

LB: Damn those kids – wish they would sleep late 

cropped-images.jpg  Last thought before you go to sleep?

LB: Damn those kids – they better sleep late 

cropped-images.jpg  Dream job?

LB:  Working for myself, but having made loads of money already so I don’t have the added stress of that – just to enjoy what I am doing 

cropped-images.jpg   Any hidden talents?

LB:  I can flip my tongue vertically – both ways  

cropped-images.jpg Are you mostly a tidy or messy person?

LB: Used to be tidy – Don’t give a dinges anymore with 2 x small and 1x grown up kid in the house 

 cropped-images.jpg  One thing you miss about being a kid?

LB:  No responsibility & not getting weird looks if you are playing with your Barbie ! 

cropped-images.jpg One thing you love about being a woman?

LB:  How we appear to be the weaker one but in fact – we are the stronger species 

cropped-images.jpg  Favourite song at the moment?

LB:  Nina Simone – Sinnerman 

The serious stuff:

cropped-images.jpg   Do you think morals are universal or relative to the beliefs, traditions and practices of individuals or groups?

LB:  I used to think it was relative to the groups – but then I don’t want people to assume because I am Afrikaans and grew up on a farm that I am racist– So I now think it is based on each individual 

cropped-images.jpg    Do you think God exists?

LB:  Yes

cropped-images.jpg    Do you think any kind of afterlife exists?

LB:  Used to – not so sure anymore 

cropped-images.jpg    Do you vote? Why/why not?

LB: Hell yes – if you want to complain – you have to vote

cropped-images.jpg  Your thoughts on gay marriage?

LB:  I am happy that everyone can be treated equally – Doesn’t matter who you choose to be with !

The Farm Girl

The Farm Girl


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