Happy 4 years to Cape-Town and I

Dear Cape-Town,

1 December marks our 4 year anniversary, feels like just the other day I was presented the option of entering into a relationship with you and a few weeks later I was unpacking boxes in our new home in “The Valley”.

This has been a relationship full of fun, surprises, good time and even the odd “white lie” on your part.  To make this easier let me list the things I have learnt from you…..

  1.  Chappies is not a chewing gum! It is in fact a beautiful scenic drive you offer, often marked and spoilt by copious amounts of cyclist.
  2. When you said it could possible rain for 10 days solid, you meant it.  No small measures when you are involved, Cape-Town.  Having said that, when you provide glorious weather you are truly showing off and I am convinced there is no place more beautiful then you, Cape-Town, on a Summer’s day.
  3. You have taught me some traditions that I had no clue of! One’s Crown Birthday and making pancakes when baby gets it first tooth.
  4. You have also lied to me!  You said “Just look where the mountain is and you can never get lost!” You failed to mention that wherever I go I am surrounded by mountains and it is not always “THE ONE” mountain you were referring too.
  5. About that seafood and wine thing!  You have made it so hard for me to survive in a relationship where seafood and wine are par for course.  Since relationships are give and take, I have now progressed to eating calamari (a big step for those that know me) and being able to sip the “odd” glass of white wine.

I am forever grateful for the location you chose for us.  I LOVE my drives through Kalk Bay on the way to work.  I love week-end walks on Kommetjie beach, shopping at Longbeach and being one of the few people wearing shoes, pizza’s and ribs at The Toad (yes, the chance that I could spot Bob Skinstad there does add the excitement)

So my dear Cape-Town, I know it is never good to discuss your ex and my heart will always belong to Slummies, my first love but I am madly in love with you!  So I raise a glass of bubbles and toast too many more good years!

Love always,


PS.. I see a 4th year anniversary gift is flowers.  I love the protea’s you have put on display for my along Ou Kaapse Weg


Image "borrowed" from my good friend, Greg Beadle (Beadle Photo)

Image “borrowed” from my good friend, Greg Beadle (Beadle Photo)




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