Feel Good Friday – P.A.R.T.Y

What a great week!  Tayla is back home, so all my chickens are back in the nest.

I had the most amazing “Book Club” Christmas Dinner on Wednesday (I still feel like I am in a slight state of recovery).  We invited the boys along, Ev (aka Jamie Oliver) did the cooking. Wine, bubbles and good conversation was flowing!

Needless to say Thursday was one of the longest days ever…. My Boss also decided it would be a great day to take me to site to see one of the projects we are working on.  So off I went, feeling fragile and having to sport a hardhat and trample through a building site in slops! I hardly cope with walking on the beach due to the sea sand, imagine me on a building site, with a hangover, in a hardhat, stomping through building sand!! Fun times.

Last night Sun Valley Primary School hosted there Sport Awards.  We were SUPER proud of Ella who received the trophy for Best Girls Soccer Player!!

Today’s tune is awesome…. love Jack Parow’s leopard print gown he is sporting!  Hope everyone has a great week-end and the P.A.R.T.Y season is starting for all.



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