Feel Good Friday – Take yours I’ll take mine

What a week.  Back to work and back to school.  Things actually went seemingly well.  Mili-Flyn however was all packed up and ready to go to school on Wednesday.  This got me thinking that perhaps that bundle is finally ready.  Tayla went off on a mission with Mili-Flyn to look schools (we have 4 in our road).  Seems they found a great little school (conveniently across the road), which I will visit this afternoon.  So looks like my full Tribe will now be in varsity/school mode.

Today’s tune is Matthew Mole (Take yours I’ll take mine) one that I listened too most of December.  Tayla came home with his album (The Home we Built) and it was played daily.  Thing I love most about him after watching his performance is that he is typically SAFFA, super modest, super excited and just super talented.  Have a listen!




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